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"Высшая проба " по иностранному языку

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Язык издания: русский
Периодичность: ежедневно
Вид издания: сборник
Версия издания: электронное сетевое
Публикация: "Высшая проба " по иностранному языку
Автор: Кирюшова Александра Владимировна
ПРОВЕРИЛ _____ __________/_____ «__» ___________ 2020г. Сообщение по английскому языкуНа тему: «Памятные места Великобритании - Виндзорский замок» Выполнила: студентка Ш-31 группы Кирюшова АлександраЕйск, 2020 гWindsor CastleWindsor Castle located in the city of Windsor - one of the main attractions of England. The history of the castle dates back to the 11th century, when William the Conqueror decided to build a small wooden structure that would serve as a place for his residence. Since then, the castle is the main residence of the royal dynasty and is considered a symbol of the monarchy for about a thousand years. This is the oldest residential building in the world. To date, about half a thousand people live in it and are in the service. For all the centuries of its existence the castle has repeatedly changed its appearance. Each king, as far as possible, made his own amendments and innovations in the architecture of the building, trying to turn the palace into the greatest structure of Europe. New towers, bridges, gates were erected, the living quarters expanded, walls were strengthened. The castle looks both as a palace and as a city.The current Queen of England, Elizabeth, spends most of the time within the walls of the castle. Her private apartments are in the Upper Court. She regularly meets here political guests, as well as various ceremonial and traditional ceremonies are held in the castle. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the castle, special excursions are held for them, which take about several hours. Queen's apartments for tourists are always closed. The castle has halls for state receptions, richly decorated with picturesque canvases, furnished with luxurious furniture.The main attraction of the Lower Courtyard is the Chapel of St. George, where the banners of the Order of the Garter are kept and the ashes of many English kings rest.The entrance to Windsor Castle is guarded by soldiers of the Royal Guard in magnificent red uniforms.